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Ready to take the first step? Don't wait – schedule your free trial now and begin your journey towards becoming a fitter, more confident, and skilled version of yourself. Whether you're aiming for the ring or simply want to experience the countless benefits of Muay Thai, our training program will help you reach your goals.

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General Schedule (effective May 1st, 2024)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Do you allow beginners?"

We specialize in beginners! Everyone of our members and coaches were all once beginners that just took the first step and came in and gave Muay Thai a try. We always recommend coming in and trying a free trial class so you can experience what it's like to train with us!

Q: "How do I start?"

Scroll up and fill out our form at the top of our website to book your free trial class! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send us a e-mail to

Q: "I don't want to fight, can I still train?"

The majority of our members train to be healthier & active while also learning real life skills that translate in self defense situations. By training in Muay Thai, our members are getting stronger not just physically but mentally! Self confidence is just a byproduct of training and wanting to fight is not a requirement to train.

Q: How do I manage my membership, manage payment methods and sign documents?

Download our Official 805 Kickboxing App onto your smart phone and login in with the same email that you registered with when you signed up for your free trial and/or membership. This will allow you to manage your membership, payment methods as well as sign documents for the gym. The app is available in the Apple App store here: and in Google Play here:


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